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Global Automation Technologies is an Authorized System Integrator of FANUC America automation equipment.

FANUC is the global leader in automation for manufacturing. Their innovative CNC, Robot and ROBOMACHINE product lines are world renowned for assisting customers to be more efficient, reliable and – most importantly – more profitable. Coupled with our proven expertise, FANUC provides performance their customers can rely on.

Global Automation Technologies is versed in Paint/Coating and Dispensing solutions as well as Material Handling for the Food and Packaging markets.

Fanuc Robotics Product Line

Fanuc Robotics Product Line

FANUC is the leading supplier of robotic automation. With payload capabilities ranging from 0.5kg to 2,300kg their robots are ideal for a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, education, food, metal fabrication, medical, pharmaceutical, solar panel and more. For optimal application customization, FANUC also offers simulation packages, application software, controls and integrated iRVision products. The combination of reliable and intelligent robots, process expertise, regional offices for support service and a network of System Integrators provide manufacturers the tools they need to reduce costs, improve quality, maximize productivity and increase their competitive position in the global market.

Fanuc Painting & Coating

Fanuc Painting & Coating Robots

FANUC America has a full range of painting and coating robots designed and built in Michigan since 1982.
Robotic painting and coating provides a wide range of advantages, including:

• Improved safety in hazardous painting work environments
• Consistent paint application significantly reduces material waste
• Higher product speeds and productivity
• Increased system uptime

Sames Kremlin Application Technology

Sames Kremlin Application Technology

Sames Kremlin’s mission is to support the industrial process from assembly, protection against the environment, to finish by beautifying manufactured products. We work with Sames for their superior application equipment, from the Airspray, Airmix, Airless, Electrostatic Guns and Bells to the powder coating technology. Sames is an original Designer & Manufacturer of painting and dispensing equipment, and have been pursuing developments and innovations through thier extensive integration of solutions for industrial process in various markets.