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Global Automation Technologies is an Industrial Automation company dedicated to solving automation problems and improving customer productivity, while reducing operating costs.

Our customers are operating in the most competitive, rapidly changing, complex and technologically advanced global marketplace in human history. We provide a range of automation services for a variety of industries and applications. We help companies with industrial automation by reviewing current automation or non-automation process that have inefficiencies or concerns such as waste or safety issues. We draw from our wealth of experience and expertise as System Integrators of Automation, focusing on FANUC Robotics robots.

Industries We Serve

Paint / Coating
General Industry
Food / Packaging

Clients & Collaboration Partners

Around the world, Global Automation Technologies helps industry clients plan, develop and manage projects. Our broad experience benefits you and your projects by enabling us to apply best industry practices and the latest proven technologies from our work with a diverse spectrum of clients.

Our strong commitment to our clients to achieve their full operational agendas is evident in our volume of repeat business and our long-term client relationships.

We have stood side-by-side with our clients, working with them to solve problems or crises. Our clients’ success is our success and we believe by partnering with our clients and their stakeholders, we deliver projects and build relationships that stand the test of time.

Let’s Work Together

Since our establishment in early 2009, we have built an outstanding reputation for innovation, efficiency and results. We deliver on our promises and have proven our “Can-Do Spirit” time and again which has helped us grow our business globally.