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GLOBAL Automation Technologies is an Industrial Automation company dedicated to solving automation problems and improving customer productivity, while reducing operating costs. Our customers are operating in the most competitive, rapidly changing, complex and technologically advanced global marketplace in human history. We provide a range of automation services for a variety of industries and applications. We help companies with industrial automation by reviewing current automation or non-automation process that have inefficiencies or concerns such as waste or safety issues. We draw from our wealth of experience and expertise as System Integrators of Automation, focusing on FANUC Robotics robots.

Manufacturing executives believe adopting Industry 4.0 technologies will increase their competitiveness. The vast majority (88%) of national manufacturing executives believe technological advancements can be beneficial to their competitiveness. The top five benefits of technological advancements, according to Automation Alley survey, are increased productivity (87%), increased efficiency (85%), reduced cost (80%), increased product quality (77%) and accelerated production (75%).

Industry 4.0

As a turn-key robotic automation system integrator, we integrate robotic systems in the Automotive and General Industry markets. A few examples of projects include material handling, robotic body shop systems, robotic seam sealing and robotic paint finishing systems.

Factory Automation has become a key ingredient in any manufacturing process, utilizing robots, control systems, plant manufacturing information technologies and data acquisition systems.

With our extensive automation knowledge and capabilities, we provide staffing needs in our industry. Our customers’ primary concern is to sell their widgets. With the constant pressure to reduce costs and focus on core competencies, many companies are relying on outsourcing providers. Operating facilities, while necessary for our customers, creates concerns to find the right experience and skills needed to operate these high-tech plants. We address these concerns by finding and training the right person for the particular needs for our customer.

We have expanded our operation and have 2 other facilities and support locations around the global to serve you.

We built an outstanding reputation for innovation, efficiency and results since we were established in early 2009. We deliver on our promises and have proven our “can-do spirit” that has helped us grow our business globally.

“Global Automation Technologies has help us to compete globally with competitors for our products, by listening and advising us of our business concerns. This process lead us to a path of automation that has resulted in lower costs and increase in throughput of our production lines.” – Peter, South Africa

RIA Member
FANUC Authorized System Integrator

Industrial Robotic Automation, with extensive experience in

FANUC Authorized System Integrator

robotic equipment.

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